Thursday, August 31, 2006

Ode to Wings and Vodka

Ode to and farewell to wings
when he writes the birds to sing

Alas he's gone, away he went
Now all Im left to do is vent

How will UT go on without
his snide comments looking down his snout

Atop of this school he did reign
But was all of it in horrific vein?

I beg to differ I beg to say
We will miss you every day.

That poem sucked. Sorry Im still pissed but learing to live again

And then.. Bevo ran though the classroom!

That is what I have to tell people when they ask how my first week at UTLAW went. It was thankfully uneventful.

People ( myself included) were prepared to hear something amazing when one of their own walked through the hallowed halls of UTLaw.

Y'all guess what... It is law school.

Though there are some really cool things here don't get me wrong. i.e. People in the student lounge at 10pm watching Aladin; however, it is a law school like any other.

Guess what?
You still have to read for class.
You don't have to read a book a night, and you don't have to slam your head in library stacks where people stole books.

Professors will call on you, but they don't tear you apart like they did in my old school.

The professors are mildly to very entertaining

They party more here

The library smells like old people and dust, which is the same thing

They speak english, which you would think they would only speak latin because OH MY GOSH IT IS UTLAW.

Even though Im new here, I am a 2L. I looked in the mirror and didn't see a half crazy eyed shadow of a broken soul staring back at me.

I just saw a completely crazy eyed broken soul staring back.
But that is being a becoming a lawyer.

The welcome back lashing does take place.

Im still licking my wounds

I love Austin, but so what if I hate Los Lonely Boys?

How Far is Heaven?
I'll tell you...

As far away from Los Lonely Boys as possible.

Though I'd admit that the lead guitarist can play his fender strat, but the music is about as pleasent to listen to as a baby being dragged across a chalkboard.

And the worst part is...Its on every damn radio station. Bob can shove his itune shuffel remix ipod up his digital ass.

Sorry, Im still pissed that Buffalo Wings and Vodka hung it up.

I've lost my will to blog

The saddest day in cyberspace

I can't believe it.

I guess it had to happen.

The man the myth the legend. BUFFALO WINGS AND VODKA ended his reign as a legend in the law blogging community.

From the begining of my law school career (and even before) Wings and Vodka was there.

He helped me prepare for law school

Helped me laugh at law school

And I also beared his ill-legitimate child

Now where will I turn for comedic relief?

What will I do when Im bored?

Damn you wings and vodka....Damn you

I just can't quit you Wings and Vodka

I'll Never Let Go.

Thursday, August 24, 2006


If you say FUGGIT out loud you realize that the way you say FUGGIT is the way you say FUCK IT drunk.

I am going to FUGGIT and have the best semester of my life drinking, shamelessly hitting on undergrad sorority chicks, and fail out of UTLAW at semester.

I hear med school is still taking apps.

Its like...Mice running around in my head

So I had to go to a little orientation a few days ago for transfer students to UTLAW.

I have since realized Im a retard.

I can barely read the course descriptions on the registrar's webpage, let alone actually taking the course.

I'm in over my head

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Leavin on a Jet Plane...err TrailBlazer

So, as y'all may or may not know I attend law school in Houston, Texas. I will remain silent as to which one, but you know there are only 3 in Houston.

So, I applied as a transfer to the University of Texas School of Law. It was a snowball's chance in hell. I did it anyway as to reassure myself of my medocriaty and to make sure my ego got a health dose of rejection.

Much to my terror I got in, and hell just froze over. Any of my readers residing "South" of the boarder can thank me for that cold front that just shot over the river styx.

Therefore, I move to Austin. A Texas Aggie at the University of Texas. Hmmm Im working on how Im going to deal with this conflict of interest.

Gig'Em Bevo?
Hook'Em Aggies?

I will figure it out rest assured.

Until then...Donde esta seis street?

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sorry, my babies

So, the last few months have been one wild experience.

Lets start with internships. Federal Judicial Internships to be exact

Imagine a room. Now make it smaller.
Imagine 13 people, imagine them huge.
Imagine a sardine can.
You got it.

This was my 10 week internship experience.

Now I will say that the internship was excellent with many memories of my first actual legal job. I will look back and smile.

Im not kidding about the sardine can. There were 13 people in chambers around a large wooden table. All we did was research on lexis or westlaw and write memo opinions, which in a sick way was actually exciting. However, the clerks that actually work at the office had to redo most of the stuff anyway. HAHA sucks to be a clerk with 13 retarded 1L interns.

Most of the experiences came when we all ran around the courthouse like we were playing on a playground. The Enron verdict came down when we were there, so there was much sprinting from courtroom to courtroom.

A few of the people I worked with became friends; therefore, we made our alcholism a team sport with many happy hours. The last week was championship week where we hit up a happy hour everyday.

Also, for all my houston readership. (which is basically me) Treebeards is an incredible, cheap, and delicious cajun experience in downtown. Do yourself a favor...

I also have other news. I'll post that tomorrow when I get some time. I will also think of how to be funnier. I have not been very funny since I quit my intership at the bank because i have not been bored.

I will improve.