Saturday, December 03, 2005

Delusion, Insanity, and back again

There comes to a point during finals that the world becomes quiet. Nothing matters. People talk and you can't hear, cars move slower, the only thing you can hear is the reminents of black letter law echoing in your head.

It starts slow, you do things you never do like leave the oven on, or try to open your house door with a car key for about 15 seconds till you figure why it is not working. You can almost convince yourself in this time period that you don't ever have to take finals. It has been a week that you have not been in class, and the smell of turkey is in the house.

Then it happens:
You find yourself naked in the bathtub with no water at 3 am in the morning clutching your torts book in the fetal position rocking yourself singing Living on a Prayer.

At this point you do have a moment of clarity, you stand up, put your clothes on, and go back to studying.

Things are never that bad again. Clarity mixed with Apathy, and a crush on Paz Vega will pull you out of this slump like a life boat on the titanic.

Copenhagen helps too...

Why the Movie Spanglish has saved my life

I apologize to all my avid readers for the lack of posts. Law Schools finals are fantasticly horrid, but exciting at the same time. In any event I have not had much time, and what time I have had I have speant it driving around dipping Copenhagen and clearing my head.

With that being setteled....To the topic.

I don't know if any of y'all have seen the movie Spanglish (Adam Sandler, tea lioni, Paz Vega).
It is not a typical Adam Sandler movie and it is kinda a serious role for him. In any event the person of interest in this movie is Paz Vega. She is about 27, from Spain with long dark hair and dark eyes. She plays a mexican housekeeper.

I have watched this movie I think at least 6 times since it has been on HBO, and it is always on before any of the finals i have taken. In watching this movie I am stunned by Paz Vega. I could watch it on mute and still just stare at it. Thus, my mind has not been dwelling on finals and i have been thinking of my crush on Paz Vega.

A clear head and not stressing out is essential to taking law school exams.

Therefore, I can chalk up my sanity to watching Spanglish.... An allright movie...

Yes i realize this post does not make sense, but then again neither does my distorted reality.