Thursday, August 31, 2006

And then.. Bevo ran though the classroom!

That is what I have to tell people when they ask how my first week at UTLAW went. It was thankfully uneventful.

People ( myself included) were prepared to hear something amazing when one of their own walked through the hallowed halls of UTLaw.

Y'all guess what... It is law school.

Though there are some really cool things here don't get me wrong. i.e. People in the student lounge at 10pm watching Aladin; however, it is a law school like any other.

Guess what?
You still have to read for class.
You don't have to read a book a night, and you don't have to slam your head in library stacks where people stole books.

Professors will call on you, but they don't tear you apart like they did in my old school.

The professors are mildly to very entertaining

They party more here

The library smells like old people and dust, which is the same thing

They speak english, which you would think they would only speak latin because OH MY GOSH IT IS UTLAW.

Even though Im new here, I am a 2L. I looked in the mirror and didn't see a half crazy eyed shadow of a broken soul staring back at me.

I just saw a completely crazy eyed broken soul staring back.
But that is being a becoming a lawyer.

The welcome back lashing does take place.

Im still licking my wounds


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