Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sorry, my babies

So, the last few months have been one wild experience.

Lets start with internships. Federal Judicial Internships to be exact

Imagine a room. Now make it smaller.
Imagine 13 people, imagine them huge.
Imagine a sardine can.
You got it.

This was my 10 week internship experience.

Now I will say that the internship was excellent with many memories of my first actual legal job. I will look back and smile.

Im not kidding about the sardine can. There were 13 people in chambers around a large wooden table. All we did was research on lexis or westlaw and write memo opinions, which in a sick way was actually exciting. However, the clerks that actually work at the office had to redo most of the stuff anyway. HAHA sucks to be a clerk with 13 retarded 1L interns.

Most of the experiences came when we all ran around the courthouse like we were playing on a playground. The Enron verdict came down when we were there, so there was much sprinting from courtroom to courtroom.

A few of the people I worked with became friends; therefore, we made our alcholism a team sport with many happy hours. The last week was championship week where we hit up a happy hour everyday.

Also, for all my houston readership. (which is basically me) Treebeards is an incredible, cheap, and delicious cajun experience in downtown. Do yourself a favor...

I also have other news. I'll post that tomorrow when I get some time. I will also think of how to be funnier. I have not been very funny since I quit my intership at the bank because i have not been bored.

I will improve.


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