Sunday, March 30, 2008

Men on a Treadmill

So Friday I was working out at The Rec. Astonishing I have been working out a few times a week now for like 2 months! I have officially impressed myself. ANYWAY I was walking to get some water after my set, and to do this I have to walk past the treadmills.

There wearing a sweat band on his head and wrist was some guy on a Treadmill. What the eff?
A guy on a treadmill...this is retarded. Guys don't use treadmills, they run on pavement. Now ok, I could buy that guys use treadmills to warm up, but this dude had been on this hampster wheel for awhile.

I don't know why this bothered me so much, but it did.

Effing guy on a treadmill. I hope he had ear phones so he could hear The View that was on TV. I should give him a copy of Cosmo so he can read while he works out.


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

US News Rankings

Well it is that time a year again. When every law student clammers to the computer to find leaked versions of U.S. News Top Law School Rankings. It is laughable how much weight is given to these rankings, but since weight is given then it becomes real.

Here is a bootleg version posted on Above the law.

I have learned a few things from these rankings.

1) Yale is undoubtly the best law school in the country. Period Overall score is 100 the next best are Harvard and Standford at 91....Damn

2) People don't like Berkley in the top 6. Though they beat out the schools that are tied with 7 and 9 by only 1 and 2 points respectively, it seems they probably wont stay there.

3) And this is the one that ticks this cowboy off: Vandy is 15th....What a bunch of bullshit. Texas and UCLA are tied for 16th. Vandy beat both schools by 1 point. 72 to 71. Vandy wont stay there. Not to say that Texas is much better that a 16th ranked, but they are a better school than Vanderbilt.

4) Nothing else of consequence really happened in the top 25 other than Fordham dropping out which is a big joke among Columbia and NYU people.

5) University of Houston is tied with Baylor now for 55th overall. Im proud of UH! Go Coogs.

The ranks don't matter after this.

I remember when these things did not matter to me....And we can all remember why they wouldn't . Kinda wish they didn't .

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

I was SHOCKED! Very Refreshing...Go Irish

I believe I've posted this before, but as a 3L very little happenings in law school come as any suprise. This is evidence by my lack of posts since my 1L year. In any event, this was not the case Monday afternoon.

Upon running late to clase, I realize that there is not a soul in the classroom. I ask the assistant if class had been canceled. She informed me that class had not been cancelled, but had relocated to a popular bar amoung us law students. I guess that the luck of the Irish had swept in.

I get there and everyone is sitting at a semi large table drinking very good (and not cheap) dark beer. Needless to say, the tab was picked up by UT. It's a class expense. Class at a bar really is the way to go. Oh I was asked if I was a Virgin by my law professor, (this was done in a classroom way to make a point of how uncomfortable questioning makes people) everybody had a laugh when I pretty much yelled NO across the table. Everything was going fine when something Scotish whispered in the air. I was not sure what this was...a recording?

Then they came. 1 lead bag piper, 3 followers, and 2 drummers in full scotish kilts and hats with plumage. They walk through the bar while the rest of us were laughing. Then they set up camp right at the end of the porch. While 1 or 2 songs on a bag pipe are cool an hour and a half is a little much. Most songs sound the same...I did get excited for Brave Scotland and Amazing Grace.

So in an attempt to continue class we discussed some of the finer points of Voir Dire in state court...while drinking beer.....while yelling over bag pipes...take a moment to visualize this...yup...didn't see this one coming.

On a side note, what the fuck is it with the Scotish? It is St. Patricks day. IRISH. Why wear kilts? Now I hear that bag pipes are used in Ireland as well...thats fine...but kilts? Would the damn scots get their own holiday. I wanted to throw my pint glass like the true Irishman I am and yell "Where is your William Wallance now Bitch!" I of course did not realizing that I had 1) never been to Ireland 2) chances are that the bagpipers have not been to Scotland and 3) Im I drank. I still think the Scots should back off though.

After class officially ended, a few of us stuck around to celebreate...well celebrate class being over. Pitcher, pitcher, green beer, green beer and a bar change; the evening ended at 12:30am with myself and another litigator law student 3 sheets to the wind.

So yeah...GO IRISH.