Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Leavin on a Jet Plane...err TrailBlazer

So, as y'all may or may not know I attend law school in Houston, Texas. I will remain silent as to which one, but you know there are only 3 in Houston.

So, I applied as a transfer to the University of Texas School of Law. It was a snowball's chance in hell. I did it anyway as to reassure myself of my medocriaty and to make sure my ego got a health dose of rejection.

Much to my terror I got in, and hell just froze over. Any of my readers residing "South" of the boarder can thank me for that cold front that just shot over the river styx.

Therefore, I move to Austin. A Texas Aggie at the University of Texas. Hmmm Im working on how Im going to deal with this conflict of interest.

Gig'Em Bevo?
Hook'Em Aggies?

I will figure it out rest assured.

Until then...Donde esta seis street?


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