Thursday, February 07, 2008

Parents of Austin.

I do not mean parents in the literal sense.

As many of you know, and by many I mean my two readers, I have a constant need to define sociological themes where I am. From schools to cities, I always try to see the common fabric and motivations of the place as a collective whole. Anyway, I have a new theory for that of Austin, TX.

Austin, TX is not a grown up city. Not even close. Their economny is not driven by the major issues of our day like Houston or Dallas. Austin is a playground. Just go to the park on a Weds. It is full of adults that should be working but choose not to!

However; for any child and in this instance a city there must be some parents. This post is a salute to them.

A few unique souls accept what few "Grown Up" jobs there are in Austin for probably less money to be a parent of Austin. Legislators, Lawyers, Bankers, and Real Estate developers are pretty much the only Grown up jobs in Austin. They are the reason Austin is not still in the 70's. They are the reason that the whole place does not smell like dope. They are the reason the city has expanded in the correct way that it has. This is not to hate on the innovators which Austin has a plenty. Dell of course is big time. Along with some funky companies, but it is the parents with their grown up jobs that allow this type of freedom in the local economny.

Anyway, I just wanted to say thanks to the Parents of Austin. Though I will probably never be one of you, I respect you and what you are doing.


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