Thursday, June 28, 2007

4 weddings and ....well nobody's died yet

But I probably could think of it as a Wake.

Ladies and gentlemen it is Wedding Season! Now I have mixed feelings about all of this, but I break it down into a simple fact.....I get drunk for free. If I think too hard about weddings and futures my head starts to throb worse than the morning after, but if a I focus on the scotch at the open bar then Im golden.

Apparently I missed the memo, so perhaps somebody can foward me a copy. This memo states that at age 24 your shall find "True Love", and get married with the girl that happens to be with you..ugghhh...I mean marry the girl that you fell in love with.

Are y'all really ready to throw away the "20 something out of college" stage of your life early? It is like graduating from college in two years. You are leaving the party right before it gets good. Though I realize Im not a real expert on this considering Im still in law school (believe me an alternate reality), but it doesn't make me wrong. Many of my friends are not even dating anyone and have the same mentality.

There is a certian level of greatness that exists after college. You are officially on your own (not me but I can imagine) you can do, say, drink, whatever and whenever you want. There is no control on you other than be at work at X time and leave at X time. The rest is up to you. The best is when you find others like you. There is a sense of fighting the norm among these people even if it is a lie for the evening. Each night where you tap into this vein of youth that winds its way through the rock of adulthood, you realize that there is more (or less) to this stage than getting married right after college and is the next step on this path to achieving this mythical idea of adulthood. Going out and having a great time (or everytime you don't stay in to have "movie night") is a shout of rebellion to the social gods that you will conform only when you wish to and when you are damn well good and ready. (More on adulthood and maturity later, promise) There might not be another time in your life that you get this type of freedom devoid of responsibility. Social pressures are going to come crashing down in a few years so why not make the best of it before that happens! I for one am riding this wave till its done.

To be straight, I don't judge the people that choose to wed at 24. The whole point of this is to do what makes you happy and complete. If it makes you happy then do what you want, and by doing so you will make me happy because if I decide to do family law, Im going to represent half of you.

Good Point.

Banned from TexAgs

Well, it had to happen eventually. I am 20 hours into what is a 24 hours ban on Some individual was expressing concern over their sick and dying cat.

Apparently, they didn't appreciate a picture of a skinned cat being posted.....I thought it was funny as hell.