Monday, December 17, 2007

To Exiled from the Book of Bootstraps Verses 1-12

Im going to write this post to AggieInExile (Exiled) in a style like Paul wrote to the Corinthians...(Im not an apostle, but I dig the beards..ANYWAY)

To Exiled:Having talked to you reminded me, well perhaps articulated many of the feelings that one goes through when progressing through law school.Most notably is the feeling that your life is on hold while your friends lives are not. This feeling sadly to say only intensifies as the years in law school continue. Friends and family have received jobs, make money, have girlfriends fiances or wives, take trips, drink with other friends who are doing the same thing, have hobbies, are involved in the community. Though it makes you smile when you hear the stories there is a part of you that is a little jealous as your torts book jumps into your arms like an attention starved kitten.

What is even worse is when you get to taste some of this life when you go home just to have it ripped back when you check your bags at the airport or turn the key on in your car.But Exiled, as I tell myself everyday, this is all a means to an end. This alternate reality, this limbo of not a college kid but not quite an adult, this hell is to become one thing......To be an Attorney.

A great Torts professor once asked us if anybody new what Attorney actually meant. None of us knew, or were brave enough to say anything. It is from the French word At-or-ney, which means "Someone to Turn To". Take a second to think about what that actually means. Counselor.

Not to say the life in law school cannot be entertaining, as our blogs have shown it most definitely is. But law schools are still crammed with people just like us in the same limbo.


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