Wednesday, March 26, 2008

US News Rankings

Well it is that time a year again. When every law student clammers to the computer to find leaked versions of U.S. News Top Law School Rankings. It is laughable how much weight is given to these rankings, but since weight is given then it becomes real.

Here is a bootleg version posted on Above the law.

I have learned a few things from these rankings.

1) Yale is undoubtly the best law school in the country. Period Overall score is 100 the next best are Harvard and Standford at 91....Damn

2) People don't like Berkley in the top 6. Though they beat out the schools that are tied with 7 and 9 by only 1 and 2 points respectively, it seems they probably wont stay there.

3) And this is the one that ticks this cowboy off: Vandy is 15th....What a bunch of bullshit. Texas and UCLA are tied for 16th. Vandy beat both schools by 1 point. 72 to 71. Vandy wont stay there. Not to say that Texas is much better that a 16th ranked, but they are a better school than Vanderbilt.

4) Nothing else of consequence really happened in the top 25 other than Fordham dropping out which is a big joke among Columbia and NYU people.

5) University of Houston is tied with Baylor now for 55th overall. Im proud of UH! Go Coogs.

The ranks don't matter after this.

I remember when these things did not matter to me....And we can all remember why they wouldn't . Kinda wish they didn't .


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There is one more #16 school that I believe you left out of your post...

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