Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Memories of my first two weeks of Law School

I seem to be noticing a certian sense of overall decline in the tenseness of a 1L classroom. Not to say it is still stressful, but people have forsaken the stoic scared look, and now go with the crazed look. The profs too seem to be getting more comfortable.

For Example: TO have this example be more funny. Think of my contracts professor as Milton from Office Space, but add a Adolf Hitler mustache and no glasses.
Yesterday in contracts we were reading the case Fiege v Boehm talking about how there was valid consideration when there was a reasonable belief the defendant was the father, and that if he paid for medical expenses she would not sue. So the class was chewing on this asking questions and such when the prof just blurts out

"Look I doubt she was having a Gang Bang night, so y'all can quit asking about the probability of him being the father, it was the 50's for Christ sakes!"

The classroom erupted in laughter, but he never skipped a beat and didn't even pause for the howling to die down.

The second memory was in my Criminal Law class TODAY. This guy is in his first year teaching and he used to be in the JAG corps. I think he is doing very well with his first year of teaching, but more on that in December.

Anyways: So he is trying to make a point about circumstantial evidence and how that can be used to prove Mens Rea when he sits on a podium that is proped against the wall.
This podium goes crashing in pieces and the professor eats it on the stage. Again laughter erupts because the prof is turning bright red. He begins to cut up and make fun of himself as we are trying to hide our laughter from behind our laptop monitors. He continues for 5 minuets to pick wood splinters out of his ass.

And who thought you couldn't have fun in law school


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