Monday, July 18, 2005

High School Throw Back (Not as fun as invisioned)

This past weekend a few of my friends from college decided to recreate what was once the joy of high school partying. Now, for those of y'all from Houston, you have probably ended up at Sam Houston Race Track at least once in your high school days to listen to some Texas Country Music singer that you couldn't listen to live in most places becasue you were to young to gain entry into the bar. In any event, Cross Canadian Ragweed was playing here, and my friends and I decided why not? Lets go. So we did what anybody recreating high school partying would do. We threw on the boots and jeans (ok so I wear this anyway, but not with the jeans cut up around the boot, come'on ya know what I am talking about) and cowboy hats. We rushed to the corner store to purchase cigarettes and Copenhagen. Granted this was not as fun as when we could not actually purchase such products, but we tried to pretend we were under. We then bought some beer, ok at this point we were realizing that you can never recreate high school, and in most ways we were very thankful. So we drank up, and drank some more. We drank as much as we thought we could in high school, we then realized this was not even close enough for us to feel it now, and continued to drink. We then arrived at the concert. You may ask who drove? Well, as all of y'all know high school partying consists of drinking in the car, so we had a driver not drink and the rest of us got after it. We arrived, kicked some beer cans out of the car and were off to the front gates. The line was long, and was full of little people. Their total combinded age was probably 21. This was not as enjoyable as seeing some high school kid fall down and totally eat it on the concrete. All this guys friends gathered around, started yelling (but not yelling) at the kid and they quickly gathered him up and threw him in the bed of their truck. I was rolling with laughter. I lit a cig thinking that high school kinda sucked. So we entered the track after paying 8 bucks (it used to be 3) to the sound of a 1000 girls voices screaming how great it was to see one another. My friends and I quickly ran to the restroom, and then to the beer line. At this point we bought two beers at a time and put one in the back pocket. We were old and came to that realization. Might as well have some fun. So a buddy goes up to a girl (Hopefully 18) and says. "Say, do you know how much a polar bear weighs? " "I have no idea" "Enough to break the ice I am (incert name)" She looked at him like one would look at wolf eat a baby. Appauled she just stumbled away. My friend thought it was histarical. We made our way through the 1,000 person crowed to catch a glimpse of the concert, and when we were walled off by 13 year olds we gave up. Now here is the kicker. We were talking amongst ourselves, which none of us thought we were being crude, when a 15 year old kid walks up to one of us and asks if we would stop using the F-word, it is offending her little sister. Astonished we agreed and soon decided that it was time to leave. We were falsely accused by a freshmen in high school. Great. We left and went to the bar in Rice Villiage where we procceeded to drink very heavily and watched two chicks get into a fight and beat themselves down with their purses.

Moral of the story...Fuck High School...Being older is so much better it cannot be expressed in words.


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