Friday, July 22, 2005

Ah Fridays

Yes it is Friday, Some people look at it as the end of the week. It is even reffered to as the weekEND; however, this is not for me. With the taste of stale beer still lingering in my mouth from a Thursday night of saying I will take it easy, I look to Friday as a new beginning, the beginning of the weekend, the beginning of hardcore partying, and just a beginning to what can and all that is possible. The 5pm chime can be equivicated to that of angels singing and a purging of your soul commences as your step outside those cell doors. As your car drones through traffic each white line represents you being that much closer to your beginning. It is time to move on. Past a day, past a week, past a month, and quite possibly past a year of trials. irritations, and dissapointments. We must sieze this opportunity of freedom and exploit it to its maximum. Friday a time to move on.

Friday...drink it....breathe it...


Anonymous Jess said...

You've failed to write about your favorite day...Sunday!

9:32 AM  

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