Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Law School Sux

This is what I see inscribed on the desk in my anti-trust class, and this got me thinking....

A little background.
I meander my way through the rows of seats in a 50 person classroom to find a seat. The chair is fine, but there were smudges on the desk. These smudges were the kind that are made when a piece of lead falls out of your mechanical pencil and while it lays flat you move it around your desk. I see nothing but markings until I go to put my laptop down. Then I see it. Sketched ever so bodly in true middle school style were the words. "Law School Sux"

Anyway, back to my thoughts for which all of you frequent this site.

Does law school sux?
It never really accorded to me like that before. I for one never thought law school sucked. Hard, Frustrating sure, but SUX? This is not the normal sucks, but SUX?

Sux is a term used to refer to psycho ex-girlfriends your freshman year in high school, or to describe your biology teacher in the 10th grade. It is used to describe brussel sprouts and cabbage wrapped in shit. SUX is not a term to be used to describe law school.

It then occured, from reason just now occured that law school does SUX for some people. I know we always hear horror stories or even first hand accounts of people dropping out of school, but while I sat there attempting to take a picture of this with my camera phone seeing this persons anguish etched into the table like a cry for help I realized that this type of education is not for everybody. To be so unhappy, so distraught, so upset, as to write Law School Sux on a table in a classroom is indicitive of the misery this person faces.

I hope lady justice reaches out and pulls this tortured soul close to her bosom and comforts this individual. May Socrates embrace him as his own and give you robes so that you may feel the breeze beneath your thighs.

I hope this individual finds piece.

Obviously this person is a 1L.

A 2L would say. Fuck Law School.


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