Thursday, January 25, 2007

Comment for MBA Wannabe's

Said in a Corporations Class

Prof: Pretend for a moment, counterfactually, you know, in a sort of nightmare twilight zone world, that you're an MBA. How do you pitch this deal?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simply by acknowleding that a hypothetical person with an MBA is pitching a deal, your professor has justified the reason to obtain an MBA in the first place. This in your, "think you know everything world Mr. Trying Tobe Lawyer, (which lets face it, IS the twisted twilight world you described) verbage is also known as creating an end in of itself. Capiche.

12:38 PM  
Blogger BootStraps said...

Ah, my anonymous friend, you seem to get the humor (or vague attempt at such) in my posts.

The world of a law student is the most twisted I've encountered in my few years here on earth. College and even high school don't hold a candle to the reality that is for a law student. We are sick sad pathethic creatures who tell ourselves that what we are doing is the best thing ever because that is the only justification of going through the hell that is law school.

But as my inspiration for blogging, Mr. Buffalo Wings and Vodka, once wrote,

Try to remember that, yes, we are going into a humorless business full of uptight, soulless pricks. But it can only stay a business full of uptight, soulless pricks if we all in fact become uptight, soulless pricks.

So here’s to the eternal preservation of the soul, the endless suppression of uptight prickery.

Here’s to getting a laugh out of the law everyday. And not a lame, bullshit laugh like “Heh-heh, that guy went to a state school” or “Oh man, she must have missed the bonus this year--she’s shopping at Banana Republic.”

Make it a real laugh.

and that my anonymous friend is what Im doing.

5:05 PM  

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