Wednesday, January 31, 2007

You know you want some

Oh yeah, just do it. Listen to it while you read this post. When listening. Close your eyes(not really then you couldn't read my words of wisdom) and think about 7th grade (if you are about 24) and have this song wisk you away to that ackward time at the dance when you used to dance with girls with your hands on their hips.

Think of how you would not look at each other, and constantly keep looking the opposite direction.

Think of seeing the little short perverted kid hold his own hands or even wrap his arms so far around the class slut that he could grab his elbows.

Rock...Rock back and forth.

Think of your mouth dry, her hair when she turns her head and it brushes your cheek, and by the grace of god she puts her hand on the back of your neck. You put your arms further around her, your cheeks gently touch, but you still have not made eye contact.

The song ends, and you go running back to your friends who undoubtly saw the whole thing unfold, they punch you in the stomach making fun of you but only because they are jealous. You spend the rest of the night eating chips and talking about somebody's older brother and how the older kids are all getting drunk on Dymatap.

Thats the stuff.

And now listen to this song that came out roughly the same time.
Its a fuck me song.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must be confused. See I was refered to your blog by a girl friend of mine who mentioned your sight was a "witty, humorous, and legit" account of the subtleties of a law students life. After this perverted nostalgic walk, excuse me, dance in the past, you must excuse me if I dismiss myself from the torture of reading your accounts.

7:36 AM  
Blogger BootStraps said...

Ah well to each their own. The best blog for "Witty, humorous, and legit" account of law students will be Buffalo Wings and Vodka.

You can find the link in the right hand column.

I make jokes, bad jokes. Buffalo Wings makes good jokes.

And since you have been so kind to leave me some advice let me leave some for you: Lighten up, though law students we are still students and have the same weird sense of humor that comes to the surface in weird ways.

As this blog shows, Law school is weird thus Law Students are weird thus this blog is weird, and that is the moral of the story.

4:39 PM  
Blogger Stilettos and Levis said...


I'll agree, you must be confused...this site is a "witty, humorous and legit account of the subleties of the life of a law student". It's about the life of one law student in particular and like anyone his life is more than just one thing.

Bootstraps is more than just law student...he's a person with memories and friends and hobbies. All of which goes into making him who he is and play in part in how and why he forms his veiws and opinions. You are, of course, entitled to your opinions but, I think it's unbelievably unfair of you to judge him and this sight based upon the the fact that you typed it into your address bar with some ridiculous preconceived notion about it being nothing more than one side spliting joke about law school and law professors after another. I'm terrible sorry that you didn't find what you were looking for but, you might try keeping an open mind and enjoying the site and Bootstraps for what he is, a person trying to make it through life and law school with his sense of humor in tact.

2:14 PM  
Anonymous erin e. said...

all I know is reading that blog and watching the music video with you at my casa was one of the best moments of my life....

good times, good times.

7:24 AM  

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