Monday, February 05, 2007

I love the Aggies

Who in their right minds would rush their own court after an away game victory?
Who could even figure out how to do this?
Who is dying to be good at something?

Texas A&M thats who.

Yes, A&M beat Kansas at their house. The first time a Big XII South school has done this since the inception of the Big XII. Im not knocking on the Ags here. I think it is greatness.

A&M Basketball has now hit insanity. 6,000 Students camped out for two days to get tickets to the Texas Game in College Station. Not going to lie. It is pretty damn cool.

However; as a side note, I hope A&M if they win against Texas today do not rush the court. It would just be one of those things. But knowing my Aggies they will. Either way, its a lot of fun. Gig'Em Ags.


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