Friday, January 19, 2007

I know everyone was looking forward to this post

12-7 This is the score of the Texas A&M v University of Texas game.

This score now proves my theory. I AM A EFFING LOSER. I have yet to win a rivalry game straight up. I grew up a longhorn when A&M was beating the hell outta Texas. Then I became an Aggie and Texas beat the hell out of A&M for 7 years straight. Now that I am a Longhorn again, the Aggies win.

Yes this is my plight. I am a cursed man that can call no university his home. A man without a university.

As many of y'all know I had a hard time reconciling being a student at both schools and still feel connected to the other one. This feeling has past. I am a true half-breed now. Though this bothers more Aggies than Longhorns, I don't care. I am the rosetta stone of Texas Higher Education.

For awhile many of my Aggie friends kept making fun of me for being a Longhorn and that I wore my Texas hat around (had it since high school). Then I found the response to shut them up, "Ok fine, Hook'Em", "Oh, wait when was the last time you won a National Championship in Football?".

The thing is I am the most dangerous of Longhorns and Aggies. I understand what both schools hold dear and really know how to dig a knife in. So don't mess with me.

Back to 12-7. Friends asked who I rooted for. I wore Maroon and stood in the Aggie Student section. Was I excited the Aggies won? You bet. Was I a little dissapointed that Texas Lost? Yup I sure was. Did I drink for 48 hours over Thanksgiving? Oh Yeah.


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