Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A Midsummer nights Blues (Act 2)

Take heart. There is hope and a way to break out of this vicious cycle of electronic hell.


We come home from our dismal day being constantly reminded of our virtual prision with no bars by the constant click sentery. Here is our chance to break free, and it is all up to you. Thats right for a brief second a day the world opens up an opportunity for us to escape. Don't turn on the TV! Or check your Email from your home computer. Or play a game on your PDA!


But then what? What now? I am scared. I have no idea what to do now. I am bored. I am tired. Escape from a prison with no walls is not as easy as one with bars. We are so detached from who we are and what we like to do that we have no idea what we want. This is not easy, and everybody's escape route is different. Once aware that you are in prison it may be easier to escape.


Click,Click, Click back to Click. You have thought about it and reasoned that prision is not so bad after all, and you turn back because it is hard. Power On


Then there are the few...The ones who were not meant to be invisibly chained to a portal looking at life rather than experiencing it for ones self. These people will spend the rest of their lives attempting to break free of such bondage. Attempting to out run the death march.


They understand that click is apart of life, but NOT LIFE. They put there time in clicking and clicking, but stop the madness when the clouds part for that one instant. They sieze the opportunity to experience what they can and indulge in what they choose. They are free.

Click, Click, Click, Click, Click


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