Tuesday, June 28, 2005

It is like going to the Dentist

If you have not read previous posts, I am attening Law School in Houston in the fall. I very much wish that this juncture will come soon, but alas I am stuck in the purgatory of corporate hell! When I tell people of my problems every response tends to be the same. "Aw enjoy your last month of freedom, enjoy not studying." Freedom? You call this freedom? You call getting up, putting on a suit to sit at a TABLE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE EFFING HALL! FREEDOM?" No sir, No sir it is not. Now, for you realists out there thinking "well that is what the real world is like" y'all can stick it. The real world is not the life of an intern. The suit, the early mornings are all part of life as a lawyer, and I have no problem with such commitment; however, when I am dragged to the office to sit in the middle of the hall and given no work but to sit there and pretend to look busy as not to be judged by other miserable souls I get a little peturbed.


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