Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Are you kidding me??? Seriously you are like 80

So, recently I have been booted out of a nice comfy office with a door and a cush chair to a huge work table in the middle of the hall. I guess this is to show everyone that I am an employee of the bank. After about an hour of getting myself situated, and by that I mean looking at every possible angle as to not have people look at my computer screen, I hear something. It sounds like music, but what kind of music? Music? At a stuffy bank? This cannot be true? So i listen more closely. Something something something "Don't Mess with my Heart". The Black Eyed Peas? Not my first choice of music, but will take it over the constant drone of the fax machine right next to my head! OR so I thought. I then began to daydream about being a pirate and firing a cannon when i hear that same sound. Something Something Something "Don't Mess with my Heart" I think wow weird. a radio station playing the same song twice in a row. It must be a mistake. Ladies and Gentlemen this was no mistake. This was a CD on repeat playing that DAMN SONG just in my hearing range for 4 straight hours. 4 hellish hours!!!! Anger swelled, my collar got tighter, my veins began to poke out. Then right before I passed out I saw an 80 year old women dancing like it was a disco come out of her office.

And that was the last thing I remembered.


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