Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Now Don't get me Wrong

Here at Bootstraps and Lawyers, another opinion especially ones that differ from the writer are highly appreciated.

This comment took thought and time to articulate, Bootstraps and Lawyers feels that it deserves publishing on the real blog.

Bootstraps reply comes later

Anonymous said...
Dear "Bootstraps",

After reading several of your posts I feel that you need a bit of perspective...

Town Lake/Lake Austin-It's called Town Lake while it runs through down town and Lake Austin out towards the 'burbs! And yes, it is actually the Colorado River! Who cares?

Loop1- Yes, poor choice of an official name but, that's why most Austinites call it MoPac.

Tacos-There is such a thing as a Soft Taco! A burrito is an extra large soft taco with the rice and beans included like at Freebirds!

Causeless Hippies-A hippy's only REAL cause is wanting to be able to smoke as much weed and have sex with as many people as possible with out consequence!

Los Lonely Boys-Austin is the live music capitol of the world and has a large hispanic population it was bound to happen! Besides, Houston produced the South Park Mexican...that's WAY worse!

Okay that being said let me get to my point and the perspective I want to offer you...Austin wouldn't be Austin without all of those "weird" little quirks. I'm sure you wouldn't be you without your's. Instead of acting like a female and picking Austin apart, embrace the quirks. Learn to love Austin for what it is and, enjoy your time here!

Another Transplanted Houstonian

This my friends is an excellent comment, and well appreciated.

I will now comment back in kind.

The Lake thing is just weird. Same body of water does not warrant two diffrent names. we don't call the Gulf of Mexio the Gulf of Texas just because the gulf stream is going past Texas.

I understand it is called MoPac. I was just trying to point out the road sign diffrence.

Don't mess with me on Tacos. A SOFT taco is a tortilla that is non-deep fried and does not close all the way. Breakfast "Tacos" are surrounded by tortilla. Therefore, NOT a taco

I very much agree with the Causeless Hippie Comment. No complaints here

Though Houston did produce South Park Mexican, they also gave the world ZZ Top, which is undoubly a great contribution to to world.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE Austin. It is arguably my favorite city in Texas, and further the world. I just wanted to point out these quirks in a satirical mannor instead of the usual congratulatory back slapping saying "Keep Austin Weird" with a joint in their hand kinda way. In doing this I am contributing to the many viewpoints that Austin boasts that it embraces.

Again, Annoymous Bootstraps and Lawyers greatly appreciate your comments, and I hope you continue your readership and post comments on Bootstraps and Lawyers


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, Bootstraps~ I must say that the banter between you and your previous anonymous friend from Houston leads me to believe that the two of you are a match made in heaven.

It can only be explained that the two of you are soulmates who were destined to be together. I mean really, if the two of you can honestly make sparks fly about tacos, hippies, river (excuse me....lake) names and Los Lonely Boys, imagine the sparks that will fly in the bedroom!!!!!!!

But then I realize to some the committment that would go along with this type of relationship is just not for all - myself, I'd just as soon spend all night making out with someone than go the distance- don't you agree?

Anyway, I truly enjoy reading your thoughts and opinions on society in Austin today, and hope that anonymous continues to retort in her sassy, outspoken manner. It will be entertaining to watch a new romance blossom. Let the sparks fly!

An Interested Onlooker

8:16 PM  
Anonymous Saawwweeetheart said...

WOW, seriously...how do you go from a casual banter to thinking sparks will fly in the bedroom? Who does that??

Interested Onlooker,
You sound like a skank.

Bootstraps is not interested.

7:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, really SAAWWWEEETHEART - for someone that doesn't know me, do you really think you have a place to call me a skank?

And last I checked, Bootstraps is quite capable of speaking for himself... I don't recall any mention of you anywhere in these little blogs of his, so is there something you'd like to share with the rest of us regarding your interest in this matter? Do you know for a fact that he's not interested or just hoping he wouldn't be? Or do you have some claim on him that needs to be addressed? And if there is, will this interest or claim be confirmed by Bootstraps if asked?

These are all questions that will be answered in the next episode of 'Oh my god, can't you find humor in anything?'

"Rooting for Anonymous"

8:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ladies (I use that term loosely)-

Let's contain ourselves! Saweeetheart, I have no romantic interest in "Bootstraps". You can go on trying to land him for yourself unopposed. Good luck in that endeavor.

And as for "Interested Onlooker" I think you seem like a a lovely girl who may just be a tad misguided...or perhaps my comments just gave you the wrong impression.

"Bootstraps", I'm flattered that you posted my comment...I'm new to the readership of your blog but, have been highly entertained thus far and will continue to read and comment regularly! Best of luck to you a UT Law this semester! Remember to savor Austin...she's a great city!

Another Transplanted Houstonian

10:18 PM  
Anonymous saawwweeetheart said...


Apparently, you are the only one who thinks you are humorous. The only thing funny about you is the amount of bills you rack up with trips to your gyno to treat your VD.

In reference to your aforementioned comment, I know Bootstraps QUITE well and he has mentioned me in his blogs. In fact, he pretty much wrote an epic of a blog about me but I asked him to erase it due to the controversial nature of the piece. And THAT, my dear, will be confirmed by Boostraps.

He's a cool kid.


10:25 PM  
Anonymous Saawwweeetheart said...

Another Transplanted Houstonian,

I like you. You are legit. :)

10:26 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok ...here's the thing... while it's honorable that you asked Bootstraps to erase this so called epic, the idea that it was controversial leads one to believe that maybe, just maybe, you had him erase it because you didn't like what it had to say... just speculation on my part, of course.

Now the fun part - did you not fully understand Transplant's comments fully? Just in case, let me interpret for you... Her comments, once again, would lead one to believe that the loose interpretation of 'ladies' was meant for you...calling someone you don't know a skank - very classy! And the wish of luck couldn't have been more sarcastic. However, if you were to continue reading you would have found that she thinks I'm a lovely girl. Not sure she would slam me and then add that little tid bit in the end to make amends. LOL, a little counterproductive wouldn't you think?

As for my health, thank you for being so concerned for my sexual well-being.. it touches me, really. To put your mind at ease - I've had a clean bill of health my entire life... it's called being selective, thank you!!!!!!


4:51 PM  

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