Thursday, September 07, 2006


What is it with Misnomers in Austin?

What misnomers are you talking about Bootstraps?

Let me tell you.


and further....IT IS THE COLORADO RIVER.

There is no distinguishign characteristic that makes it a lake. It is narrow and flows. This my friends is a river.

Loop 1, commonly known as MoPac.
So why call it that.
Are you retarded.
It is a e'ffing highway

Everything here is a Taco.
Ladies and Gentlemen.
Soft and chewy= Burrito

They are not Breakfast tacos when they are wrapped in a NON-deep fried tortilla.
They are not tublar taco's. THEY ARE BURRITOS

The only burrito you can get around here is Freebirds (which is a damn fine burrito I must say)
And that is a College Station thing.

Someone explain this too me before I start calling enchiladas, quesadillas, OR Texas Tech a real school.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear "Bootstraps",

After reading several of your posts I feel that you need a bit of perspective...

Town Lake/Lake Austin-It's called Town Lake while it runs through down town and Lake Austin out towards the 'burbs! And yes, it is actually the Colorado River! Who cares?

Loop1- Yes, poor choice of an official name but, that's why most Austinites call it MoPac.

Tacos-There is such a thing as a Soft Taco! A burrito is an extra large soft taco with the rice and beans included like at Freebirds!

Causeless Hippies-A hippy's only REAL cause is wanting to be able to smoke as much weed and have sex with as many people as possible with out consequence!

Los Lonely Boys-Austin is the live music capitol of the world and has a large hispanic population it was bound to happen! Besides, Houston produced the South Park Mexican...that's WAY worse!

Okay that being said let me get to my point and the perspective I want to offer you...

Austin wouldn't be Austin without all of those "weird" little quirks. I'm sure you wouldn't be you without your's. Instead of acting like a female and picking Austin apart, embrace the quirks. Learn to love Austin for what it is and, enjoy your time here!

Another Transplanted Houstonian

7:56 PM  
Blogger BootStraps said...

Anonymous: Please don't get me wrong, I love Austin. It is arguably my favorite city in Texas. Being here makes me happy. I just find all the quirks humourous, and feel they warrant pointing out in a satrical way as opposed to the usual Austin, congradulatory, patting themselves on the back saying "Keep Austin Weird" way.

The Los Lonely Boys still suck though.

Houston also gave us ZZ Top, and there is no denying that gift to the world

12:00 PM  

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