Tuesday, September 19, 2006

They played for Freedom

Saturday might have been one of the greatest Saturdays of College Football in recent memory. 7 games with teams in the top 25! That is madness. I watched College Football for 12 straight hours.

Though there were many highlights of the day
LSU v Auburn last catch
Oregon v Oklahoma. That was nuts

There was one game (you know it is coming) that was just mind boggling.

The Texas A&M v Army Game.

Gotta hand it to Army. Those guys played as hard as they could, but if you think about it...It is just not fair.

These guys can have a pep talk saying that they are playing for our soldiers in Iraq! And using an inferential step, they are further playing for FREEDOM!

Now how can A&M compete with that?

We play for booze, good times, laughs, (and lets face it; some recognition that we exist on an athletic level compared to some other university).

A&M played terrible, but won.

So, I say way to go Aggies for keeping your team together and thwarting the hopes and dreams of our fighting men so that we all can continue our drunken debachary well into the night. Better yet, give the Aggies the statute of liberty, we gotta pee.


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I watched that game live.


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