Sunday, September 24, 2006

College Commercials

In recent years, The University of Texas along with GSD&M (an Austin marketing group) has come up with some excellent commercials to advertise their university. "What Starts Here Changes the World" is an excellent slogan. Even as an Aggie, and most aggies would agree with me (as much as we would hate to admit it), the commercials are good. Very Good. We want some just as good if not better.

So we hired GSD&M to do the same for us, and to revamp the whole marketing/advertising theme at Texas A&M. This is a good move.

Here are the Texas commercials

The Aggie ones are comming along, but are not the offical 30 second made for TV commercials. It is a longer commercial link on the website for people that visit the site. A step in the right direction I think.

In my opinion, the list of 9 UT commericals, the "Rallying Cry" is my favorite of all commercials. Just Barely, and i do mean just be a hair. Probably because it is short and sweet. Though they only use two scenes for 9 commercials with diffrent commentary. This one in particuarlly is great.

And bias aside, my second favorite is the Texas A&M commercial. It does an excellent job at portraying A&M the way it is. It does not come across hokey in anyway. Who am I kidding, it is fantastic.

So lets hear what you think! Post a comment.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've had a long running love affair with the commercials GSD&M did for the University of Texas. They're top notch, however....

(and I've given this a lot of thought!)

They knocked it out of the park with the A&M commercial. It's truly inspired. In 2mins. they portryed a university that's modern and fresh with deep roots and an all American home town feel! It's damn near perfect and, now all they have to do is channel that into a 30sec. blip.

I'm proud and excited! YAY!


8:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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4:30 PM  
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