Sunday, October 01, 2006

Dark Days

DISCLAIMER: I am writing this post in anger and bitterness; however, the reasoning is still sound. I aplogize for spelling and sentance structure, Im too mad to care.

The Aggies lost to Texas Tech. I Don't remember the score, doesn't matter. We lost. "Time didn't run out"...There is no "We'll get'em next year," We lost.

It is not that this was a "Big Rivalry Game", it just shows we have fallen to arguably the 6th/7th best team in the state of Texas, ARGUABLY.

1. Texas
2. TCU
3. Tech
4. U of H "Cougars"/ Baylor/ UTEP
6. Southlake Carrol High School
7. Texas A&M

Whatever, Bye Fran

But this is not really what is bothering me. Football is Football. You don't judge a school by their Football Record as easy as that is to do. You look at the student body.

Instead of focusing on the very attractive girls that Texas A&M has brought to College Station on TV(like every other college football game), we see the Corps of Cadets. "Keepers of the Spirit". They are the self-proclaimed face of the university. (I could go on a 20,000 word essay on the corps, but i will refrain).

SO, instead of the other 45,000 student body we see this:

I will wait till you quit laughing to continue

Are you KIDDING ME! Words cannot quite capture how idiotic this looks.

This just makes us all look stupid. Even worse it makes the State of Texas look stupid.

Amazingly enough on the Longhorn message boards, Texas actually feels sorry for us. Not the condosending rivalry way, the sympathetic parent way.

P.S. How can there possibly be a rivalry on the football field when there is no doubt who is the most dominant team?

The Aggies are making it very easy for me to be a Longhorn Fan.


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wonder if you're singing a different tune now. i forgot about this blog - how about acuna over your christmas break?


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