Friday, February 17, 2006

Valentines Day in Law School

As an undergrad you can always tell when it is Valentines Day.

The dining halls put up decorations

Freshman girls carry around roses that their NEW boyfriend (you know, the one AFTER the one that she said they would stay together forever while they were in high school).

The single girls put together some plan about watching Sex and the City with a bottle of wine celebrating the fact that they are single, but it is obvious it is being forced.

The guys get together and drink beer ACTUALLY celebrating the fact they are single.

People cry

Angels sing

Professors wish you happy valentines day

In law school:

No one gives a flying fuck and it is fantastic.

No one wears red

No one eats chocolate

The only crying is heard in classrooms from being ripped up by a professer.

As a matter of fact i doubt people even KNEW it was valentines day. Hence why i am writing this post more that 3 days after the fact.


Drink up and Party On


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