Monday, October 24, 2005

Ah the First Cool Front, and a moment of reflection

So the first cool front of the year has blown in. Temps from 100 degrees not three weeks ago as of right now is about 49. There is something about the north wind that charges the soul. The sky is never as blue than on days like today. I also know that the semester is beginning its rapid decline, and soon my freedom will be limited between book covers. These are the days I miss College Station the most.

Thinking back this has been an eventful semester.
From the Aggies being worse than everybody thought,
to a Hurricane that everybody had to evacuate from,
to the Astros winning the pennant.

At least the last two are events that don't usually happen to this part of Texas. Better yet, these senarios happened about 3 weeks apart from each other, so they were like mile stones directing me farther into the semester.

By the time I looked up there were only about 3-4 weeks of classes left. Are you kidding?! I just started! There is a background noise of hysteria that was always there, but is now beginning to grow into a dull roar.

People are beginning to not show up for class because they think they will have to recite, and professors will go through 4 people on the list just to get to one who is present.

Every day is more surreal than the next.
This weekend I shall have one more solid weekend in College Station, but after that it will be whatever happiness i can grab in a 4 hour time span betweens studyin.

It is getting crazy


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