Monday, October 24, 2005

Types of Law Students (Levels)

So it becomse apparent midway through the semester, probably sooner the different kinds of law students.

There are 4 levels of students, and within each level are specific types of individuals.

There are:
The upper group that pretty much has a grasp on the material at least what is presented in class. This is an interesting mixtures of assholes and cool people. The widest variety of individuals reside in this class and in the kinda have it group.

The kinda have it group, that hold on to what they know, but really milk it for what it is worth. In all honesty it is hard to tell between these first two groups. There are certain classes of people that make this line blurry, but fear not, an explanation is forth coming in subsequent posts.

The kinda don't have it, these are the people that would be in the kinda have it group, but seem to act more like an undergrad. They come in hung over, and always have a story about the night before, and complain about being way far behind in their reading.

Then there is the don't have it group. This is the group that has people dropping out and always have that frantic, confused, pissed off look in their face.

Remember these are perceptions. Not actually based on knowledge. It could be the pissed off people are mad because everyone else is so stupid, or the kinda don't have it people get drunk because they are bored because they know everything already. Granted this is not too terribly likely, but most certianly this is a concern.

I fall somewhere between the Upper level, and the kinda have it group. Some days are better than others. I know I am not totally lost in most of my classes. I can follow what is going on. I can ask good questions in class. This is good.

I will go into more detail about the personalities within each group a bit later. They are quite fasinating like much of law school is.


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