Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Almost losing to Baylor? I mean are you kidding?

So there I was, sitting in my recliner in my athletic shorts when Texas A&M enters Kyle Field on saturday at 11:30. I had just cleared my afternoon schedule so I could devote my attention to the Aggies. Little did I know at the time I could have saved myself the commercial breaks and headed down to the high school stadium to watch some pee-wee football. The Aggies were atrocioius on offensive, and sub-par on defense. The defense did do well in holding the Bears down to just a few points, but that may have been because the Bears don't know how to find the end-zone. I'm not knocking Baylor they played a great game. There defense was all over the place, and their quaterback did fairly well.

How is Texas A&M going to compete with the big boys if we cant whip the step sister of the Big12?

I'm afraid it may be a long season. BUT I've been wrong before.

A good litmus test will be this weekend of the road against Colorado

Whatever, Im still mad.


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