Sunday, May 13, 2007

Left Out...Again

Well it is that time when finals are winding down and alcohol consumption goes from moderate to insanely heavy. This is the time when all the 1L blogs blog about not being 1L's anymore....Good luck finding new material, the first year is the easiest to blog about.

Amicus Curiae which is linked to the right, left her final will and testament of blogging to up and coming UT bloggers....I was left out. Not to say that Im heartbroken or anything, but it is a metaphor for the life of a transfer student. Though I may blog about this more in detail later, being a transfer student is like joining the Indy 500 from the stock car races and you are 250 laps behind. You can drive as fast as you can, but still never catch the pace car. Though I will never regret joining the race, the speed is very fast and you are already behind.

I just have to turn in my take home final.....


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