Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Keep Austin Weird

I get it.

If you read back in some of my earlier posts you will that I had trouble right at first understanding what Austin was trying to do. I still don't get the highways and the more bumper stickers the car has the slower it goes, but overall I see it.

A few summers ago I worked for the governer here in Austin and there was this bar I would go to frequently on Tuesdays called Joes Generic Bar. This was a shotgun bar that only sold beer right off 6th. It was always filled with smoke and every tuesday Allan Haynes would play some burn the barn down Texas Blues (he used to play with Stevie Ray Vaughn). This bar closed about a year ago, and though I was a upset they closed the bar that was instrumental in finding my love of Austin, I just chalked it up to the fact that some businesses fail.

Then came a new construction on UT campus that blocked certain views of the tower, right off MLK. Then came the condos that make the whole place look like Houston mixed with Dallas. Then came the massive array of cover bands in every bar on 6th. This last thing is the worst. The live music captiol of the world plays nothing but cover bands. Hell, you only have a few choices on Red River to really get some local music. (in the downtown area).

So I say bring on the Hippies! Bring on the weird awful live bands that have a sound only known to Austin. If this doesn't happen, the whole place will start to look and feel like Houston. (Not Dallas because of the Snob factor. Austin doesn't have that yet). Not that I have anything against Houston, but Austin is Austin. The weird little blue dot in a sea of red that will go to great lenghts to do something different or werid.

Keep Austin Weird Damnit!


Blogger Stilettos and Levis said...

It's ironic and very sad that Generic Joe's made you fall in love with Austin's weird personality and now Austin is on the brink of becoming generic! I think you should buy a "Keep Austin Weird" tee shirt. Support the cause; it's a good one! ;o)

7:40 PM  

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